jillian erhardt :: alum :: rockstar designer

Jillian Erhardt is a graphic designer living and working in Baltimore City. A graduate of Webster Thomas High School in 2006 (where she rocked AP Drawing), she went on to get her BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art where she studied graphic design and took a particular interest in social design. Her work has been featured in HOW Magazine’s International Design Annual AIGA awards and the Art Directors Club.
While at MICA, Jillian worked to engage the community in Baltimore through her work, creating posters that highlight the cities in which she has lived, a business package and promotional poster for the Baker Artist Awards and an educational campaign to promote Social Design.
Jillian's social design work
Jillian's Baltimore print

Presently she works as an in-house graphic designer for Ayers Saint Gross, a multi-disciplinary design firm where she has continued her social design work on projects such as the Baltimore Design School cafeteria renovation. This project was recently awarded an AIGA 50 award, a juried exhibition that showcases 50 of the strongest examples of design produced in the Baltimore/DC region as well as a the  PRINT + HOW Color in Design Award sponsored by two of the largest graphic design publications, Print Magazine and HOW Magazine. Click the link to find out what the award was all about!

The 1950s cafeteria of the Baltimore Design School now provides sixth- and seventh-graders with plenty of food for thought. The makeover is part of a pro bono overhaul of the public middle school by local Baltimore design firms. With just a few weeks to design and install the solution, Jillian and her team approached the project through low-cost, low-tech enhancements. Typographic statements stenciled onto walls, framed posters and original sumi ink drawings (created by her sister Hannah Erhardt, another Webster Thomas High School and MICA Alumni) on Pantone sheets invite students to learn about typography, color, line and shape.
These girls are awesome, and both of their works blend together perfectly to create an inviting environment to eat and learn. 
Jillian - I am proud of the work you continue to do - using your powers for good!

artist of the week :: caitie thornton

i am so lucky to have so many awesome alumni who leave thomas and go on to bigger and better things. one of these alumns is caitie thornton (class of 2009). she is currently a junior at RIT in their NEW MEDIA STUDIES department. this is a unique and totally awesome program that we are lucky to have so close to us. it is finding connections between graphic design, web design, interactive media, and basically anything else technologically new and advanced. check out some of the student work from this department here.
caitie has been getting into more complex 3d work in her junior year and after seeing some of it, i felt compelled to share it with the world.
check this stuff out - she rocks!
(see more work and info on her website)

shepard fairey studio visit video

shepard fairy recently finished a residency at pace prints in NYC, culminating in an exhibition of new works entitled 'Harmony & Discord' (see show card below).

this video is an 8 minute interview/studio visit with shepard where he talks about the new print processes that he has been able to experience while at pace, and about the works that will be featured in the show. get more images and info from the visit here.

pretty awesome.

contemporary narrative artists for drawing 2

we had a great discussion about some contemporary narrative artworks this morning in my drawing 2 class.
here are some of the artists we looked at, with links to find out more about them!
students... dont forget to start brainstorming your bob dylan lyric-inspired ideas for wednesday's class.

lyric choices

clive smith (see more here)

david bowers (see more here)

edgar jerins (see more here)

joan mateu (see more here)

john hardy (see more here)

david kassan (watch an interview here)

istvan sandorfi (see a video montage of his paintings here)

drawing 2 :: surrealist collage drawing

drawing 2 is currently doing a figurative surrealist collage drawing based on the work of the szekely sisters and rené magritte.

our art department goal this year deals with the intentional use of color. i am using this artwork to fulfill the goal. in class, we are talking about the value and intensity of colors and how they influence how a viewer sees a work. we are using different magazines from different eras to give a variety of values, intensities, and color ranges.

here is the example that i am working on, along with one piece each from the szekelys and magritte.

artist of the week :: rené magritte

currently in drawing 2 we are doing a surrealist drawing based on the work of the szekely sisters (see the previous post about them here) and this week's artist of the week, rené magritte.

magritte's work takes surrealism in a very playful, dada-inspired direction rather than the seriously dramatic work of his contemporary, salvador dalí.

his use of silhouettes and surreal textural elements play with the viewers perception of reality and create a definite dream-like world.

you can find a great deal more work by magritte at wikipaintings.org