new painting // "sold my soul for"

this painting was created for the october show at 1975 gallery, "the devil's in the details". it is the gallery's 6th anniversary and i was asked to show with around 60 other artists both local and national. i am so honored to be part of this show and display alongside my former student austin keppeler and friends adam francey and john perry. lots of fun details in this painting. check it out in person at 1975 starting on october 11. the opening reception is from 7-10pm.

sold my soul for
sold my soul for
2014 sold my soul for (detail 2)
2014 sold my soul for (detail 2)

"4x34" :: painting with my son

this series of paintings, entitled "4x34", are all done by my 4 year old son and myself. he was inspired by watching herakut paint the mural in rochester in october, and had been talking about wanting to do some 'murals' of his own.

we used latex paint, spray paint, and paint markers on stretched canvases. it was a very organic process where he would start by picking the color of paint and rolling it on the canvas (or conversely he would choose the spray paint color and i would apply it, then he'd paint over it). he would really lead all the work, and i would be there to just redirect when necessary or have him stop and start something new when the time was right. he would draw lines - sometimes representing a 'thunder storm' or 'the ocean' - and i would add to them, making them fit together or blend more seamlessly into the composition.

his energy and natural markings were a wonderful juxtaposition with my control and knowledge of composition. it was very eye opening for me as an artist, as well as a great way to spend time together.

drawing 2 :: surrealist collage drawing

drawing 2 is currently doing a figurative surrealist collage drawing based on the work of the szekely sisters and rené magritte.

our art department goal this year deals with the intentional use of color. i am using this artwork to fulfill the goal. in class, we are talking about the value and intensity of colors and how they influence how a viewer sees a work. we are using different magazines from different eras to give a variety of values, intensities, and color ranges.

here is the example that i am working on, along with one piece each from the szekelys and magritte.

the owl house

an old friend of mine, brian van etten, is the head chef for a new restaurant opened by two other friends, jeff ching and andrea parros. its called THE OWL HOUSE. (you can check out their website or find them on facebook)

they opened with full hours and service yesterday, and you should all check it out. they are at 75 marshall street, 14607... the site of the old rochester fave THE ATOMIC EGGPLANT.

they serve a rotating menu of 'new american cuisine' (same main menu daily, but with different dinner and dessert menu each night), along with over 30 craft beers, artisan wines, and unique cocktails. they also cater to the dietary needs of vegan and gluten-free folks, with a large assortment of dishes for each.

the food is delicious (my personal favorite is 'the cherub' sandwich) and the ambiance is stellar. so, if you're looking for a great place to dine, you should check them out! see a review from city newspaper here.

my friend rob antonucci's great new artwork is hanging on the walls currently, with an opening reception on august 17th from 7-10pm. also, i was lucky enough to be asked to design their menu (and will be hanging my artwork there in the fall as well). here is the main menu, as of august 4th, 2010 (there are also special menus for vegan, gluten-free, dinner, dessert, and kids):

shared spaces art show at naz

nazareth college is hosting wonderful new art show opening tonight, january 15th, from 6-8pm in their new arts center gallery entitled 'shared spaces'. the show celebrates graduating high school students and their teachers/mentors.

sami chudyk and i are representing thomas high school, with casey cardillo and her teacher bill stephens representing schroeder high school. i feel honored to have been asked to be a part of this event, and to show next to such a talented young artist.

you can find out more about the show (including gallery hours) here.

sami chudyk "past tense"
colored pencil on canson paper
completed january 2010
((to see more of sami's work, check out her portfolio blog.))

todd stahl "new beginnings"
cardboard, spray paint, and ink
completed november 2009

art show!

first off - its been too long since i have posted. busy summer, to say the least.

one reason its been so busy is that i have a solo art show at the little theater cafe and gallery.

it will be paintings, drawings, digital, and mixed-media works all based on jazz music and musicians. its a culmination of a few years worth of work...

opening reception on august 23rd, from 5-7pm.
the show will be up until sept. 19.

i hope you can join us for the opening!