wths art club design competition.

attention all thomas high school artists...

the art club is going to be doing a screen printing fundraiser on december 10th and 11th after school. to prepare for this we are having a design competition to find a few new shirt designs to print. you are all eligible to enter - here are the rules:

1. design may be no larger than 8.5”x11”
2. must be black & white.
3. must have no lines thinner than a sharpie marker.
4. cannot be advertising any team or band that is copyrighted... wths is the only official logo that may be used.
5. you can hand draw (must be markered), use the computer (paint, photoshop), or do something creative with text... or a combination of the 3.
6. designs will be judged by art club afterschool on thursday, december 4th - therefor, they are due by 2:30 that day to room 57. we reserve the right to choose as many or as few designs as we deem right for the fundraiser.
7. if your design wins, you recieve free printing on one garment during the fundraiser.
8. we look forward to seeing your designs!