the story behind the name

for many of you, the name of this website means nothing... it's symbol just an abstract shape...

read about "45" records here.

for me, it dates back to listening to my mom's records (both 45s and LPs) when i was growing up. i loved the size and personality of the 45. small record, big hole. we had an old jukebox in our basement.

i began working at Fantastic Records (who's store space is now some ritzy pittsford home furnishings store...) in high school and my love for and appreciation of music only continued to grow during this period, and on into adulthood.

i chose the 45rpm insert (see below, bottom right) as my logo - to represent my deep connection to and passion for music. over time i have stuck with the name in part because of the music connection, but also because i liked the idea of the multiple meanings for the word REVOLUTION.

45 revolutions per minute.

there it is. the story behind the name.