studio in art stop motion videos

my studio in art classes made stop-motion animation videos this year for the first time. i am so proud of what they did. these short films represent 7 class periods worth of work. the students (mostly 9th grade) worked in teams of 3 to come up with ideas based around the theme of 'a day in the life of..." they had to make one aspect of their character's daily routine.

you can see the results below... some of the music has copyright issues, so the music may be different in the youtube versions, but links to view (and/or save) them on your computer are below each one.

jessie leah & johanna

aaron & taylor

alex maryana & joe

alison nick & sofiya

allison val & kendall

brian travis & robel

brienna haley & hannah

casey & amy

danica rose & bree

danielle casey & mary

greg stefan & steve

jess alyssa & siobhan

zoe loren & ceylan

micky john & bryan

tiffany joey & jazmin