scholastic art awards 2011!

Congrats to all of the students who had their work submitted to the Scholastic Art Awards for the 2010-11 school year. Once again, both Webster High Schools faired well in this competition - receiving 15 regional Gold Key awards and 1 national Gold Key.
The winners are as follows:

Thomas High School:
Courtney Brown Drawing
Brianna Cahill Ceramics & Glass
Austin Frank Drawing
Austin Frank Painting
Amanda Gere Photography Portfolio
Dominic Montante Drawing
Jessi Putnam Mixed Media
Jordan Tiberio Photography
Jordan Tiberio Photography
Jordan Tiberio Photography
Nicole Zoyhofski Ceramics & Glass

Schroeder High School:
Lauren Cronk Painting
Samantha Gibney Mixed Media
Victor Piacentini Sculpture
Lori Posato Painting

Thomas High School:
Jordan Tiberio Photography ("7 Days With You"):