ROC pendant

i have been waiting for a while now to see lia beauchemin... not only because she is one of my awesome former students, but because she had a necklace for me. on wednesday, she brought me her new creation - my very own ROC logo pendant. so stoked.
you should get one too.

thanks lia. i show it to everyone.

"the rochester city symbol imprinted on this pendant has rich historical significance. around 1832, rochesterville, as it was originally called, became known as the flour city for the numerous and booming flour mills that sprang up along the genesee river. as the city grew and the expansion out west caused a slowing in the flour industry, rochester became known for the seed companies it was home to - several of which were the largest in the world. so by 1850, rochester was known officially as the "flower city." the symbol is meant to represent both of these formerly booming industries - it is both the lilac flower, which grows prominently in the area and is also a waterwheel which represents continual progress and vitality."