new show at the memorial art gallery

there is a new painting exhibit at rochester's memorial art gallery - finally, something worth getting really excited about!

the show is called paint made flesh, and it brings together 34 powerful american and european works, all created since the 1950s, that explore the biological, psychological or spiritual volatility of the human figure. the works, by such painters as georg baselitz, hyman bloom, willem de kooning, eric fischl, lucien freud, alice neel, pablo picasso, jenny saville and julian schnabel, employ a wide range of painterly effects to suggest the carnal properties of human flesh, as well as its metaphorical significance. MAG is one of only two tour stops for this show.

AP drawing students - we'll be taking a field trip there on december 11th. thanks go out to the arts in education committee, and our PTSA for giving us the money to make it happen.