welcome to my new website!

it's been almost a full year since i redesigned my 45rpmdesigns website using wordpress, in conjunction with my own web hosting. during that time i found it to be frustrating to update and it lacked some features and an appearance that i was happy with.

i heard about squarespace and as i researched a bit more, found that it was the perfect interface and hosting service for me. i have spent the last week reformatting the old 45rpmdesigns into this new site. i completed the upload of my portfolio (finally), reworked the friday wisdom page, added more links, and made some fancy new graphics. you'll find all of the information from the old site still present, but in an easier to browse format... and hopefully i'll update it more often now.

thanks for stopping by - if you have any questions, feel free to email me! tstahlart@gmail.com