lots of art shows happening!

may and june are turning out to be really busy months for art shows for me.

i would love to have you join my good friend rob antonucci and i for our 2-man show at joe bean coffee bar, hanging during the entire month of june. 

we'll have an opening reception on june 5 and a closing reception (with live jazz music) on june 26 - both will run from 6-10pm.

the show is entitled 'a further exploration' and it is comprised of works that are inspired by jazz and blues music. you can see a selection of the works that i will be showing in my portfolio - they are portrait-based assemblage works. rob's works are heavily influenced by the american abstract expressionists. 

also during june, i have 4 pieces in the grand opening show at alex gruttadaro's new maker's gallery and studio. the show is called PROCESS and focuses on the journey that we go through as artists to complete our work. i am showing alongside alex, bill stephens and sari gaby. it doesn't get much better than that as far as i'm concerned. 

the gallery will be hosting a first friday reception on june 5, 6-10pm and a closing reception TBA.

lastly, nazareth college is hosting its annual "shared spaces" exhibition. this is an amazing annual show where local art teachers get to select one senior student to exhibit their work with. this year, i am showing with the hard working and talented kasey bartusek. her work is deeply personal and immediately moving. they liked it so much, they hung it in the middle of the main wall - it definitely outshines my portrait of billie holiday that hangs next to it.

the show runs until june 12. go check out all that rochester's high school art community has to offer - which is a lot. see more pictures of the opening reception here.