'it gets better' project

see, there is some worth in watching commercials!

i typically thank god for dvr, because it keeps me from feeling like i am being force fed whatever garbage america is selling. BUT, while in the hospital last night holding my sleeping 2-day old baby, a commercial came on during the office for the 'it gets better' project. this is a user-generated, cyber-community started to give voice and hope to people (aimed at youth, but i would guess that they're not the only ones who struggle) who are gay but afraid to 'come out'.
i was struck by the awesomeness of this campaign, and felt immediately like it needed to be shared.

so... if you are struggling... feeling alone... just type your way over to www.itgetsbetter.org (or click the previous link) and become immersed in others (people you recognize and people you dont) who want to help hold you up and honor who you are.