iron & wine with blitzen trapper in buffalo

these two beastly musical forces met up for a late show in buffalo at ani difranco's babeville.

although i knew blitzen trapper's music, i didnt realize just how amazing it was. if you like roots music and indie rock, or both - check these guys out. i was blown away. here's a video of a show in may '08 (although its missing songs from their great new album 'furr')...

...and that was just the precursor for the gorgeous musings of iron & wine (you can download the concert for just $10 here). sam and sarah beam started the show slowly... then built in a new member as the songs went on - adding piano, accordian, violin, bass, xylophone, hand percussion, and drums slowly throughout the first 6 songs. once the band was all on stage, they simmered their way through much of the amazing 'the shepard's dog' along with other wonderful re-workings of older songs. they ended the show with another sweet, mellow duet. it was a powerful show.
spend some time with them below. you wont regret it.