wilco's jeff tweedy gets the 'colbert bump'

Thursday night Stephen Colbert welcomed 45RPM favorite Jeff Tweedy to his guest stool for a hard hitting interview in which he proposed new and more rocking names for the Wilco frontman (Jeff Silky or even better, Joffrey Velvet) and also questioned the political propriety of offering free MP3s on the Wilco site. ("Are you a socialist? ... That sounds like 'Let's spread the songs around.'") Jeff explained that no, they are just really lousy capitalists, and went on to share Wilco's relatively deep history with Senator Obama and their request in '05 to play the forthcoming Presidential Inaugural Ball. (Barack's response is definitely pre-Audacity Of Hope.)
And not to be outdone by Joe The Plumber's pending music career, the band joined Jeff on stage for the world premiere of the spirit-of-the-times rocker, "Wilco The Song." Which should probably be named "Wilco The Band," but still, good zing, Joffrey Velvet.
[thanks stereogum]


["wilco the song"]