spraygraphic poster contest.

spraygraphic.com is sponsoring a poster contest and show in conjunction with hoodlums records in tempe, az. i know many of you that read this are designers or artists (if you are a student, you still count!), and love independent, local music... you should think about entering ::


Spraygraphic.com is calling for designers and artists to submit original POSTERS for your favorite LOCAL BANDS from around the world. This show wants to showcase both the artist and the musicians they love by asking designers and artists to create a poster for their favorite Local Band. We expect to end up with a gallery full of diverse, compelling, and fresh posters from all over the world. More importanly, each poster helps support and spread the word about the hardworking Local Bands out their trying to make ends meet with their love for music.

The show will be at Hoodlums Records in Tempe, AZ on March 28th, 2009