shepard fairey studio visit video

shepard fairy recently finished a residency at pace prints in NYC, culminating in an exhibition of new works entitled 'Harmony & Discord' (see show card below).

this video is an 8 minute interview/studio visit with shepard where he talks about the new print processes that he has been able to experience while at pace, and about the works that will be featured in the show. get more images and info from the visit here.

pretty awesome.

artist of the week :: shepard fairey.

so now all of you in my classes have been exposed to one of my favorite artists. his name is shepard fairey and he is the creator of the OBEY phenomenon. you've seen the giant logo and the 'make art not war' poster plastered everywhere in my world...

many of you have asked me questions about him, so i thought link you to a bio on him, as well as to a catalog of his prints (both via, as well to a san fransisco gallery that just had a big show of his work. (many of these pieces i had not even seen before, so when i stumbled upon it i was really excited.) :: bio page, catalog of prints
white walls gallery sf :: shepard fairey: the duality of humanity