up-and-coming artist :: jordan tiberio

many times, students come to the high school with natural abilities as artists and designers. their 8 years of art training by our awesome art staff gives them all the tools to see the world in their own unique way. its then our job to take those raw materials and help form and guide them into artists' whose voices are unique and personal (lots of times we're just along for the ride).

jordan tiberio is one of many students who display this personal vision.
jordan is currently a junior who spends many many hours outside of school working on developing her eye as a photographer (she also spends many hours during school here honing her drawing skills).

she has recently won 4 regional gold keys (3 photo, 1 drawing) from the scholastic art & writing awards, along with 1 national gold key (photo)!
i am amazed by her vision as an artist already, and am excited to see where all this work and thought takes her from here!

if you want to see more of her work, visit her flikr.