drawing 2 :: surrealist collage drawing

drawing 2 is currently doing a figurative surrealist collage drawing based on the work of the szekely sisters and rené magritte.

our art department goal this year deals with the intentional use of color. i am using this artwork to fulfill the goal. in class, we are talking about the value and intensity of colors and how they influence how a viewer sees a work. we are using different magazines from different eras to give a variety of values, intensities, and color ranges.

here is the example that i am working on, along with one piece each from the szekelys and magritte.

artist of the week :: rené magritte

currently in drawing 2 we are doing a surrealist drawing based on the work of the szekely sisters (see the previous post about them here) and this week's artist of the week, rené magritte.

magritte's work takes surrealism in a very playful, dada-inspired direction rather than the seriously dramatic work of his contemporary, salvador dalí.

his use of silhouettes and surreal textural elements play with the viewers perception of reality and create a definite dream-like world.

you can find a great deal more work by magritte at wikipaintings.org