where are YOUR friday wisdoms?

i need your help!
i recently realized that i just passed friday wisdom #100 and it got me thinking...

do you have your friday wisdom flyers posted somewhere?...
are they collaged on your bedroom wall? did you take a few favorites to college and put them up in your dorm? are there a couple glued into your sketchbook? do you have them all on the wall of your classroom?

i would love to see pictures of where friday wisdom resides in your life. email them to me and i'll post them here!

my classroom doorway
binder of old friday wisdom flyers
chelsey's room at college

chelsey's room at home, packed for a big move

cokie's portfolio

jocelyn's dorm

mrs. leahy's classroom

mr. mitchell's classroom

mrs. schoenweitz's office

scott's desk

scott's house

present from scott - june 2011

michelle's dorm
ms. byrne's classroom

jessi's portfolio
julia's room
jess' laptop background
miss schotthoefer's classroom

the chandler's fridge
mr. johnville's classroom
lauren's creative collage

patrice's dorm room
amber's room
sarah's room
johanna's room
beth's dorm room 1

beth's dorm room 2

kaitlyn's dorm room