new work by audrey kawasaki

audrey kawasaki is one of my favorite contemporary artists. her soft attention to color & form juxtaposed with heavy black outlines, use of the wood painting surface, and creative figurative elements make her work visually arresting to me.

here are some of her new works. these are interesting because they show a definite van gogh inspiration.

you can find out more here.

artist of the week :: audrey kawasaki.

audrey kawasaki's work is easy to pinpoint, but hard to truly describe.
there is an etherial quality that makes the work this way. her influences are easy to read though - alphonse mucha's poster art, the paintings of gustav klimt and egon schiele, as well as contemporary graffiti and tattoo art. she is able to deftly combine these disparate influences into something totally fresh and new.
although her paintings are visually simple, they captivate the viewer, bringing them back for more.

for more on audrey kawasaki, check out her website
[also, you can click on the artists' names in the above paragraph to see work from her influences.]