artist of the week :: angela grossmann

collage, charcoal, paint. lots of textures, balance of detail and gesture, and a wonderful open space. sometimes, less is more.
the ap class is currently doing a piece based on her work and andy warhol's. we'll see how it all turns out.

from her website:
"Grossmann collages faces together from photocopies of old photographs in a way that is subtle and coherently representational, playing at transparency. “I collage the figures from a million different sources. What acts as a leg in one is not a leg; I put in boys bits for girls. If you look at collage of the earlier practitioners – whom I love – they used it for a strange, shattering effect, with say a huge head and tiny body, that kind of thing. I wanted to use my collage so that it appeared to make sense, but actually didn’t. I found it much more exciting to have it look real.” She calls this process ‘painting with photography’, I draw and paint with the photograph, and then re-photograph, then I blow it up, and I keep drawing and painting.”'

see more of her interesting and unique work here