artist of the week :: kelly hurlburt

kelly hurlburt is a student in my AP Drawing class this year - and i have been lucky enough to teach her since she started at thomas as a freshman. on top of being an awesome kid and artist, she is helping out this year in my studio in art class as a teaching assistant (and you've seen their colored pencil works in my last post). needless to say, we spend a lot of time together!

the AP Art curriculum mandates that each student choose a 'concentration' theme for 12 of their 24 portfolio works. in her words, kelly's theme deals with the juxtaposition of scenes from everyday life with scenes of disaster and suffering. these somewhat whimsical combinations are meant as sybolizations of apathy. in other words, the pieces comment on how people do not care about tragic events that are going on in the world if they do not directly affect them.

everyone that sees her work finds in not only visually arresting, but also thought-provoking and mature. it is definitely one of the most creative 'concentration' themes that i have seen in my 9 years (nine years!!!) of teaching AP. 

take a few minutes and look at kelly's work (you can click on the images to enlarge them) - consider how we all take these issues for granted as we rush through our daily lives.

The Tsunami Dancer


For Sale

For Sale (detail)

El Derrame De Petróleo

The Inundation