artist of the week :: jonathan 'viner' weiner

according to his website, jonathan weiner (aka: 'viner') “uses layers of symbolism, both conscious and subconscious, to construct somewhat ambiguous narratives that invite and challenge the audience to be an active participant in the viewing experience.” although that seems kind of convoluted, it make sense if you think about it... if you look at his work, it leads you somewhere, but its up to you to make the conclusions. which (in my humble opinion) is what art should do.

i am always impressed by viner's use of point of view, color and form stylization, as well as veiled metaphor/symbolism. they take me on a journey... in a tim burton, twisted fairytale kind of way.
not only are his paintings beautiful and worth looking at, but his drawings are great too.

here are some links for further perusal...
jonathan levine gallery (also the site of the most recent exhibit of 45rpm favorite shepard fairey)
myartspace>blog interview
fecal face interview with nice visuals (you can also check out info on future a.o.t.w. jeremy fish here)