artist of the week :: ben aronson

atmosphere... thats what i love about ben aronson's paintings. they capture the feeling of the place, which can be so much more interesting and important artistically than the realistic look of the place.
pay special attention to the brushstrokes in the closeups of each image... how it informs our understanding of the atmosphere of the place... how he feels in that place, and how we would feel if we were there with him. if you have ever been to san fransisco, you would agree with me that these paintings perfectly capture how it feels to be there.
aronson was born in 1959. he earned both his BFA and MFA from boston university school of fine art, where he studied with phillip guston (who opened his eyes to the west coast figurative painters like thiebaud and diebenkorn). you can see the influence of all 3 artists in his paintings.