artist of the week :: aj fosik

so, i realize that its been far too long since i have posted anything about my new artist obsessions. i end up using pinterest as my main place for sharing my artistic inspiration (and most of my student artwork ends up on twitter)... BUT this needs to change.

and aj fosik is the reason.

he did the sculpture that can be found on the cover of mastodon's 2011 record "the hunter", and from that moment on i loved his work. recently i was brainstorming with my good friend rob and he reminded me about fosik's work and it got me thinking about how i could use it with my students.

my studio art class will be creating animal bust sculptures (using cardboard) with an emphasis on color and pattern.

i love how fosik's work shows his crazy diverse interest in folk art, psychedelic art... and taxidermy - in such an interesting and unique way. check out 2 quick videos and some of my favorite works of his below.