art on instagram!


i love instagram. not only is it a fun way to share pics of my family's adventures, but there is SO MUCH great art on there! it can be hard to navigate through to find the really good stuff... so if you're looking for some new art in your daily life, here are my favorite art instagram accounts. they provide constant inspiration for me as an artist.


  • jlperry1972 - john perry. painter and josh's future art teacher
  • msshaftway - sarah rutherford. illustrator and painter
  • mrprvrt - all spray paint animal stencil murals
  • afrancey - adam francey. the guy who did both my favorite local mural and also did my newest tattoo
  • oclevelando - chad cleveland. great painter and handsome landscape photographer
  • adammmaida - socially conscious illustrator and webster grad
  • jordantiberio - creative photographer and webster grad


  • yveslarochegallery - cutting edge contemporary gallery in montreal
  • *walltherapyny - the group that puts together all of the amazing murals each summer in ROC
  • instagraffite - street art/murals/public art from all over the world
  • *themuseumofmodernart - MoMA - best modern art museum in the world
  • albrightknox - buffalo's art museum. amazing collection
  • *juxtapozmag - contemporary art magazine. highlights lots of unique new work


  • jeremypmiranda - cool paintings juxtaposing interior and exterior spaces
  • mikedargas2014 - hyperrealistic portrait paintings
  • danwitzstreetart - paintings of buildings at night... and mosh pits
  • prozak7 - awesome super colorful abstract artist
  • rae_bk - really interesting 'portrait' painter. basquiat-esque
  • ianfrancisart - contemporary painter
  • troy_lovegates - cool surreal cartooney illustrations
  • osgemeos - world-renouned street artists and painters
  • *keepdrafting - augustine kofie/kofie one. amazing geometric abstract art. one of my faves
  • faustnewyork - calligraphy-text-based graffiti. did a piece in ROC last year. really unique
  • artofdavidwalker - colorful portrait murals. did a mural across from village gate in ROC
  • *samrodriguezart - one of my favorite contemporary portrait artists. did a fantastic mural last summer in ROC.
  • heypatyeah - pat perry - amazing artist/illustrator. you've seen his work in class before.
  • ajfosik - great contemporary sculptor - he was the basis for my studio in art sculptures
  • *hownosm - amazing street artists. did another of my all-time favorite murals in ROC, on the side of the little theater
  • pendleton - don pendelton. cool illustrative characters
  • fikosantonios - combining street art with the style of old italian religious frescos. really neat.
  • **conorsayboom - conor harrington. AMAZING dynamic portrait painter. did a few murals in ROC
  • gaiastreetart - really creative street artist/muralist working around the world
  • **marcomazzoniart - one of the most spectacular colored pencil artists i've ever seen
  • *vhils - carves away walls to create portrait murals. creative and stunning
  • audkawa - audrey kawasaki. you've seen her paintings in my classroom (octopus woman) 
  • obeygiant - shepard fairey. mural and poster artist. you know his work.