artist of the week // adam maida // webster grad

its rare to forge an art career the way that adam maida has. its a totally DIY (do-it-yourself) story, one that is highlighted in Rebecca Rafferty's story in CITY mag. he is creating his own personal work, has designed album and movie covers/posters, and is now doing freelance illustration for the New York Times (and another example here). his work has a unique aesthetic - one based on collage, a unique hand-drawn style and digital touches. i respond to his work for these reasons, as it seems that my inspirations come from a similar place, but adam takes his work in a slightly different direction, one which i admire. and i love that he is using his power as an artist to make a statement - this makes the art even better. some of the more political work may not be universally popular (but thats the point, right?). regardless of the politics of some of the work, if you love or appreciate creative art & design, his work is worth checking out.

and it's a career that i will continue to follow with serious interest.

here are some of my favorite works. for his entire portfolio (and contact info), check out his website (he is also on etsy and twitter, if you're into that sort of thing).